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Robot Office Commercial Cleaner


  • Dual Cleaning Modes: Pichenxi excels in versatility, equipped with dual cleaning modes that enable it to perform both dust pushing and floor washing tasks with ease. Whether it’s daily mopping or deep cleaning, Pichenxi has got you covered.
  • Unmanned Efficiency: Engineered for 100% unmanned operation, Pichenxi significantly reduces labor costs while ensuring comprehensive cleaning. Its intelligent route planning and ability to continue cleaning after recharging or avoiding obstacles ensure uninterrupted operation.
  • Advanced Cleaning Technologies: With a focus on thorough cleaning, Pichenxi employs a disc brush for scrubbing floors and a dust cloth for capturing fine dust. Its ability to press down and rub the ground hard means stubborn stains and dirt don’t stand a chance.
  • Intelligent Operation: Thanks to high-precision sensors and EcoFlip’s proprietary algorithm, Pichenxi navigates with a minimal wall distance of up to 5 cm and boasts a small turning radius for exceptional maneuverability and coverage.
  • Multi-Terminal Control: Operation and management of Pichenxi are streamlined through a mobile APP, an onboard operation screen, and a central control backend, allowing for remote monitoring, real-time data upload, and automatic report generation.
  • Self-Cleaning Functionality: Unique to EcoFlip, Pichenxi features a self-cleaning function that, when used with a workstation, enables automatic cleaning of the dust cloth and drainage of the water tank, ensuring the robot is ready for its next task without manual intervention.

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EcoFlip is proud to present “Pichenxi,” an innovative solution to the challenges of maintaining cleanliness in large public spaces. This intelligent cleaning robot is designed to revolutionize the way we approach commercial cleaning, offering a blend of advanced technology and practical functionality to deliver unmatched efficiency and effectiveness.

Pichenxi” by EcoFlip is not just a commercial cleaning robot; it’s a comprehensive cleaning solution designed for large public spaces like shopping malls and squares. Its dual cleaning modes, intelligent management, and autonomous functionality make it an invaluable asset for any facility looking to reduce labor costs and improve cleaning standards. With Pichenxi, EcoFlip is setting new benchmarks in commercial cleaning technology, ensuring clean, safe, and welcoming environments for everyone.


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Additional information

Cleaning mode

Mopping, Scrubbing, Sweeping, Vacuuming

Operating Mode

Automatic cleaning/manual cleaning



Cleaning noise


Cruising speed


Water tank capacity

Waste water tank 25L, Clean water tank 28L


Floor Scrub 2 hrs, Dust Push 15 hrs


714 x 687 x 879 mm

Cleaning Width

530 mm

Battery capacity


Sensor Configuration

High-precision radar/anti-fall sensor/depth camera/anti-collision sensor

Charging method

Automatic recharge

Rated voltage


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Robot Office Commercial Cleaner